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Choose from four aspects of folding umbrellas


People nowadays, in order to travel conveniently, basically use exquisite and small folding umbrellas, and many people don’t know how to choose a folding umbrella. In fact, you can choose a high-quality umbrella mainly from four aspects. Good folding umbrella.

1. The radian of the umbrella depends on individual needs 

Some umbrellas have a large surface curvature, like a mushroom, and are suitable for single use. This kind of umbrella is more popular with Europeans and Americans, and has better wind resistance; , but poor wind resistance.  

2. Umbrellas have more ribs and are stronger 

The quality of the umbrella ribs determines the quality of an umbrella. For umbrellas on the market, there are usually 6 to 16 ribs. The more ribs, the higher the wind resistance. If there is a thinner and elastic wire support between the ribs, the umbrella will be more stable.

3. Turn the top of the umbrella to see the tightness 

Take upright umbrellas as an example. Most umbrella tops are made of plastic or metal. Plastic umbrella tops are prone to cracks after long-term exposure to the sun and rain; metal umbrella tops are prone to rust if they are not kept dry. When purchasing, you can turn it slightly with your fingers. If you can turn it, it means that the density is not good and it is easy to fall off. If there is a metal ring under the top of the umbrella, it is called a hat. You can also turn the hat to see if it is firm. It is better if there are rivets on the hat.

4. Folding and pulling trial 

Folding umbrellas are most afraid of the main rib getting stuck, so it is best to try pulling the main rib several times when purchasing. If the umbrella feels smooth when pulled, the quality of the umbrella is better. If it feels stuck, do not buy it.


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