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How to improve the authenticity of UV printer color?


The quality of a UV printer is undoubtedly the color of the printed pattern. Many customers want to restore the color of the pattern on the computer. So how to improve the authenticity of UV printer printing colors?

1. Selection of printing equipment

If you want to achieve the ideal effect of jet printing technology in the industry, you need the accuracy of the color of the picture and the color gamut that can bring out the picture effect. The printing equipment needs to have high requirements for color accuracy, so choosing a good UV equipment is the most important thing. heavy.

2. Ink selection

Ink is indispensable in the inkjet printing industry. In order to make the color more realistic, not only mature printing technology is needed, but also high-quality ink is needed. The choice of ink is related to the printing equipment, and the curve of the ink is related to the printing color scheme. Good ink can make the picture closer to the original image and effectively restore the color.

3. RIP standard

The current RIP software is mature, powerful and capable of color adjustment. Therefore, good equipment plus RIP software can fine-tune the color to get better image output accuracy.

Therefore, to improve the color authenticity of UV printers, it is necessary to follow the above three points. The three cooperate with each other and connect with each other to create high-quality pattern colors and improve the effect of the product.

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