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Improve the applicability of waterproof cable gland?


As the name suggests, waterproof joints are waterproof plugs. Waterproof joints can be applied in environments with water to provide safe and reliable connector joints. For example: LED street lights, lighthouses, cruise ships, industrial equipment, sprinklers, etc., all need waterproof connectors. The main function of the stainless steel cable waterproof cable gland is to make the line smooth, keep the cable sealed, and ensure the insulation level of the cable joint, so that it can run safely and reliably. If the seal is not good, not only oil leakage will cause the oil-impregnated paper to dry up, but also moisture will invade the inside of the cable, reducing the insulation performance of the paper. After the three-phase waterproof joint of the metal hose is completed. Arrange them into a circle, then wrap them into a circle with self-adhesive tape according to the above method, and finally wrap them with plastic anti-friction tape. The overlapping width is half of the bandwidth, and the overlapping width is half of the bandwidth. The length should exceed the self-adhesive tape by at least 150mm, and the number of layers should not be less than 3. However, for waterproof joints, in addition to whether they are waterproof or not, there are so many social differences. Common joints in China are generally composed of plug and socket systems, and waterproof joints made by waterproof joint manufacturers are generally composed of plug and socket systems. That is to say, because we often call them waterproof plugs, these joints are combined to form a relatively complete set of waterproof joints, also known as waterproof joints, which are two different names for the company's products, just like bicycles are also called bicycles Same.

Insulation resistance is also an important indicator of the electrical performance of waterproof joints. Insulation resistance and contact resistance are two indicators of the electrical performance of waterproof joints. The special function of insulation resistance is to measure the insulation performance between the contact parts of the waterproof joint and between the contact parts and the shell. The insulation resistance value must meet the industrial standard range, otherwise, the waterproof joint cannot be used normally or completely. Depending on the situation, the insulation resistance of the waterproof joint can range from several hundred to several thousand.

Not only that, but the manufacturer of waterproof joints should pay attention to the internal stability of the bank, and it cannot be kept stable. Once the packaging material or advantages are used, the details of it need to be adjusted. After all, the market economy is showing a trend of diversification. How to judge the market operation mechanism more accurately still needs to give full play to its advantages. According to the current situation, the core data is effectively controlled using a key compared to fixed base data, and the links can be effectively distributed in a key part of the control is relatively easy.

However, if we still need to determine the overall operating, working and living environment for waterproof joints, according to my country's current fixed asset portfolio management development model, teachers can control the link in which students can be allocated scientifically and effectively. The key is how to further improve the ability of the scene to adapt to Chinese social practice and prevent uncontrollable results.

Ordinary power plugs can generally be used in houses because the company has not designed the function of the waterproof system. As we all know, ordinary power plugs do not make redundant descriptions. Waterproof connectors mainly include outdoor, industrial and economic categories. The above mentioned China’s specific Field of application technology. In addition to the above different uses, the waterproof joints of waterproof joint manufacturers, that is, the application and development of waterproof joints are becoming more and more widely used, such as the current popular shared bicycle smart locks and the use of waterproof joints on solar panels, as well as for air-conditioning aquariums. The application of the box is very common.

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