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What are the characteristics of corrugated boxes


Corrugated box is the most widely used packaging product and has always been the top of all kinds of packaging products. With the rapid development of society, corrugated boxes are more and more favored by many consumers because of their superior performance and good processing performance. So, what are the characteristics of corrugated boxes?

1. Due to the special structure of the corrugated carton, 60%-70% of the volume of the carton structure is empty, so it has good shock absorption performance and can buffer the impact and collision of the packaged objects.

2. The inside of the corrugated box is a hollow structure, so the weight is lighter, and it is lighter when it is transported. It can use less material to make a more rigid one during production.

Cartons are stronger and lighter than copper cartons.

3. When corrugated paper manufacturers produce corrugated boxes, there are many raw materials for production, such as wood, reed, straw, etc., so the production cost is relatively low.

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