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What is a Self-adhesive Label


Self-adhesive Labels are made of paper, film or special materials, coated with adhesive on the back, and a composite material with silicon-coated backing paper as protective paper. After printing, die-cutting, etc., they become finished labels. The structure of the self-adhesive material is composed of three parts on the surface, namely the surface material, adhesive and backing paper, but from the perspective of manufacturing process and quality assurance, the self-adhesive material is composed of seven parts: .

1. Back coating or back printing.

Back coating is a kind of protective coating on the back of the backing paper to prevent waste discharge. The adhesive around the label after rewinding is bonded to the backing paper. Another function is to make multi-layer labels. The manufacturer's registered trademark or pattern is printed on the back of the paper, which plays the role of publicity and anti-counterfeiting.

2. Surface coating.

It is used to change the characteristics of the self-adhesive surface of the surface material, such as improving the surface tension, changing the color, adding a protective layer, etc., so that it can better accept ink and be easy to print, so as to prevent dirt, increase ink adhesion and prevent printing For the purpose of shedding graphics and text, surface coating is mainly used for non-absorbent materials, such as aluminum foil, aluminized paper and various film materials.

3. Surface material.

That is, the surface material is a material that accepts printed graphics on the front and adhesive on the back of the label printing, and is finally applied to the adhered object.

Generally speaking, any flexible and deformable material can be used as the fabric of self-adhesive materials, such as commonly used paper, film, composite foil, various textiles, thin metal sheets and rubber, etc.

The type of surface material depends on the final application and printing process. The surface material should be able to adapt to printing and printing, have good ink absorption for self-adhesive labels, and have enough strength to accept various processing, such as die-cutting, waste discharge , Slitting, punching and labeling etc.

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