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What is the difference between stickers and labels


Stickers and labels, we often think of them as the same, because they have the same appearance and almost the same structure.

You can print and cut both into any shape, and depending on the material you choose, they tend to have the same texture.

But the thing is, they are completely different in purpose and use, and here's why.

Labels are informative while stickers are decorative.

The purpose of a label is to inform people of all the necessary facts they need to know and understand about the object to which the label is attached.

The purpose of the stickers is to impress and maximize the customer experience. They can be branding illustrations, logos, artwork, quotes or other different designs.

A label is made for production, a sticker is made for promotion, it is made for a specific product to identify what is inside the package; its purpose and content. They are also sized to fit specific spaces and are durable for extended shelf life. in stickers. Size and shape are design elements, size is not important. Stickers are often included with a customer's shipment as a bonus or giveaway.

Tags serve a specific application and the end user decides where to use the tag or what to do. You'll see stickers affixed to product packaging, shipping boxes, envelopes, shelves, and more.

However, stickers can be used for a cause, to represent a team or club, or for self-expression. People even put stickers on their laptops, phones, car windows, or skateboards for a little more "show off."

Finally, labels come in sheets or rolls, while stickers are cut individually. Some businesses require large quantities of labels, so they use rolls or sheets for secure storage to prevent labels from tearing or wrinkling, and ultimately for application. be prepared.

Stickers made for merchandise or promotions are cut individually and stacked together - making them easier to distribute.

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