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What should we pay attention to at the waterproof joint?


The previous joints can often encounter many social problems of their own. For example, in places with high humidity and high water content, it is impossible to use traditional Chinese joints, poor performance or unsatisfactory using a script. How to effectively solve it? Gradually, the joints have been upgraded. The version of the waterproof joint was born. Its appearance is not much different from the original joint. At that time, it had a certain waterproof and dustproof system function. This is the enterprise difference.

Outdoor work, outdoor lighting, places with water all year round, etc. These will use waterproof joint products, of course, here we also have some applications where high-voltage cable transmission is not clearly mentioned by local governments in other countries. Waterproof joint enterprise products can prevent previous Leakage phenomena can effectively ensure the security of China's electric power information system.

With the advancement of technology, many things in our lives now use electricity. After the three-phase waterproof joint of the metal hose is completed. Arrange them into a circle, and then use self-adhesive tape to wind them into a circle according to the above method, and then wrap them with plastic anti-friction tape. The overlapping width is half of the bandwidth, and the overlapping width is half of the bandwidth. The length should exceed the self-adhesive tape by at least 150mm, and the number of layers should not be less than 3. The phenomenon of heating of the cable quick connector and the wire joint generally first manifests as a peculiar smell around the wire joint, which can be smelled. This is because the heat of the wire joint makes the outer insulation layer smell; Layer black, fire, or even disconnected. After the cable is laid, in order to make it a continuous line, each section of the line must be connected as a whole. These connection points are called cable joints. However, power on will more or less affect our safety, so waterproof is Very importantly, the waterproof joint can be used in a humid environment, it has excellent sealing performance and reliable waterproof performance, so what should be paid attention to when using it?

1. When connecting the waterproof connector, it is necessary to avoid damaging the loose power supply and the cable core connected to the tail

2. If the equipment is in a separate state, a separate equipment with a protective layer should be installed for additional dust protection. If the connector has not been separated for a long time after it is connected, it can be fixed between the plug and the socket

3. When the plug and socket are not connected to the connector of the shell, the plug and socket should be fixed in a difficult state to ensure that the fixed plug and socket are properly docked.

4. The waterproof joint can be fixed as a harness clamp by using screws for connection and should be equipped with a loose fitting.

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