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Is liquid eyeshadow okay for beginners? Is liquid eyeshadow better to use or solid eyeshadow?


Is liquid eye shadow okay for beginners? Is liquid eye shadow better to use or solid eye shadow?

Liquid eye shadow is a popular eye shadow because it looks brighter, so it is loved by many people, but few people use liquid eye shadow, so it is suitable for novices to use liquid eye shadow.

Can a newbie use liquid eye shadow?

Beginners can use liquid eye shadow. Liquid eye shadow is easy to use, especially for makeup novices, liquid eye shadow is very user-friendly. Liquid eye shadow is mainly used to solve the problems of powder and cream eye shadow flying off and unsatisfactory makeup effects. It can firmly lock the foundation ingredients, is more suitable for the skin, and is not easy to apply makeup.

Is liquid eye shadow better to use or solid eye shadow?

Both have their own advantages and disadvantages. Powder eye shadow is easy to apply without getting stuck, while liquid eye shadow has a light and thin texture, making the makeup fresh and moist. There are many dazzling eye shadow products on the market now, but they can be roughly divided into two types, one is liquid eye shadow and the other is powder eye shadow. Depending on how different people use it, the advantages and disadvantages of applying makeup are also different.

Liquid eye shadow is liquid, and the general packaging will be like lip gloss cosmetics, equipped with professional makeup tools, such as small brushes. Due to the same texture characteristics of water, liquid eye shadow rarely appears powdery. Makeup is left clear and light, with a moist feel. However, the color of liquid eye shadow is relatively thin, and it needs to be replenished several times to show obvious color.

Liquid eye shadow lasts longer after makeup than powder eye shadow. Powder eye shadow is in powder form. Depending on the quality of the product, there may be problems such as powder quality, lack of fineness, and durability. However, powder eye shadow has good blending properties and does not require good eye makeup skills. It can create exquisite eye makeup and is the most suitable beauty product for beginners. But people with dry skin should moisturize their eyes before applying eye makeup, otherwise they will get stuck.

How to use liquid eye shadow?

After the makeup product is finished, use paper towels or oil-absorbing paper to dry the eyelid oil, and then follow the principle of a small amount, first put the liquid eye shadow brush stick on the back of your hand, and then apply too much eye shadow to the eyelids. The most important thing is to use quick hands, because liquid eye shadow usually It dries quickly, so it must be blended quickly before the eye shadow dries. In order to enhance the three-dimensionality and depth of the glasses, we can layer a layer of liquid eye shadow above the eyes or on the end quarter of the eyes to make the color in these parts fuller. In addition, if you are doing daily makeup, you should avoid choosing liquid eye shadows containing large particles.

Since liquid eye shadow contains a high proportion of oil and water, it must be sealed and stored after each use, otherwise the water will easily evaporate, causing it to dry too quickly, the oil to decompose too quickly, and it will easily deteriorate. If the liquid in the thermos does not recover after heating, it must be discarded. Liquid eye shadow is a popular cosmetic product in recent years. Girls can choose the right color according to their makeup, temperament and clothing style, and start boldly and confidently.

Things to note when using liquid eye shadow.

When using liquid eye shadow, you should use oil-absorbing paper to absorb the oil on the eyes first, and then use the brush stick to dip a small amount of liquid eye shadow into the makeup. Pink eye shadow can be touched with a makeup brush or a small amount of beauty balls, and gently pat where needed on the face.

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