Agricultural Machinery Flasher Relay

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With years of experience in producing Automotive Electronics, CHINT® has strong production ability to supply a wide range of high-quality automotive electronic to customers around the world.

As a Chinese manufacturer, CHINT® automotive electronics adopts latest technology and high quality standard, is available to offer safe, convenient, and economical products to customers. Our electronics mainly include flasher, voltage regulator, BCM, RKE system, turning alarm, etc. If you want to know more about our automotive electronics, please let us know without hesitation.

CHINT® Agricultural Machinery Flasher Relay is a tipical flasher for Argricultural Machinary, with a high water and dust resistence of IP67, and heavy duty capacity for max 8*21W.


1. High proof of water and dust: IP67

2. Heavy duty: 21W*8

3. Fault Indication Function avariable.

4. Test: Dielectric strength test, Disruptive test, Insertion and extraction force test, overload test, Reversed polarity voltage test, Salt spray test, Vibration test, High temperature work test, Low temperature work test, Temperature change resistance test, Life endurance test, water and dust proof test. 

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