Biodegradable Courier Bag

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Product features and application:

Biodegradable Courier Bag can be completely decomposed not only in industrial facilities, but also in household systems. Bio-based materials burn to produce fixed inorganic substances that can be absorbed by the soil.

This product will not trade durability for degradability because they are used to replace traditional plastic bags. These bags are not only strong and durable, not tearing, not leaking.

It can be used for a variety of purposes, such as waterproof bags, mail bags, express bags, etc.

Product details:

Unlike ordinary plastic bags, Biodegradable Courier Bag are made of special fully degradable materials, which can be consumed by microorganisms living in our soil. They can make a big difference by taking small steps to use our eco-friendly green, environmentally friendly and sustainable products

We have quality inspection in production, packaging, transportation and other links to ensure that every product delivered to customers is qualified.

Product qualification:

Our Biodegradable Courier Bag have passed the certification of many domestic and foreign authorities, such as Rheinland, SGS, REACH of the European Union and National Plastics Testing.

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