CNC Metal Prototype Services

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CNC Metal Prototype Services provides various metal prototypes, including prototype of aluminum alloy, titanium alloy, copper, stainless steel or aluminum magnesium alloy and so on. Due to the hardness of metal materials, CNC machining cannot be as fast as plastic prototypes. And the machining time varies according to different CNC metal prototype. Therefore, we will choose different cutter for different metal materials. With the suitable cutter, the precision of the prototype can be guaranteed.

Generally, CNC metal prototype service is used for the high value products, like laptop, digital camera and phone case. All of those have a strict requirement to the prototype in terms of appearance and dimension precision. With CNC, the basic dimension tolerance can be control between ±0.1mm, and the critical dimension tolerance can be controlled between ±0.01mm. If customers want to keep the tolerance between ±0.01mm to ±0.05mm, all they need is sending us the 2D files in the format of PDF, DWG or DXF.

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